See what others have been saying about In-Home Care Connection:

“After my husband’s stroke I found it difficult to get back out and about. Our caregiver has been a blessing as she has made it possible for me to have respite time to go shopping or have lunch with my girlfriends every now and then.”
—Wife in need of breaks

​”I am a Veteran and qualify to have a caregiver come to my house a few days each week. She helps me with my grocery shopping since I cannot drive. She helps me prepare meals and makes sure my laundry is done. I feel safer at home because I know someone will be checking on me. She is a great help to me.”
— Veteran with caregiving services

“I was hospitalized for quite some time and just wanted to get back home. I was able to go home with a caregiver who ran to the pharmacy for me, got my groceries and made my meals. She helped me do my laundry and keep my house tidy so I could be home safely. My doctor ordered for a nurse and physical therapist to come to my house to help with my rehabilitation. My nurse was in contact with my doctor, and though I had some issues come up, they were able to manage the problems and I didn’t have to go back to the hospital. After a few weeks I was feeling stronger. I was so happy to be able to go home to recover and recuperate.”
—Patient receiving on home health care

“From the first moment I contacted IHCC Hospice the service was phenomenal.  Services were started very quickly and smoothly.  Everyone I spoke to was very kind, considerate, helpful, and knowledgeable.  They made an extremely difficult time as easy as possible.  I knew my father was being taken care of extremely well which gave me the necessary peace of mind I needed and helped ease his suffering during his final days.”
—Daughter whose father was on hospice